Everyone has a treasure box that holds a gift to offer to the world.  


About Me

I'm an educator who started my journey in education in 1999. I have earned an Associate of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, and a Masters of Science in Education. I  also hold many certificates in education including Autism. I have worked with children from all walks of life. I'm an advocate for childhood literacy and I'm passionate about advocating for children with Autism. I write children's books on diversity and inclusion that help promote acceptance of all children, as well as, bring awareness to autism. 

My Mission

It is my mission to give children with Autism a voice to let the world know that they are beyond their deficits. The voice that tells the world of their gifts and talents that they offer to the world to help make the world a better place. This voice will be heard through children’s literature and outreach to the community. 



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Squilly Fixes the List in the Mist, A Story about Number Sequence

November 22, 2019

Squilly is a chicken with an extraordinary gift and love for numbers. Although he looks like the other chickens, he is different in his capabilities with numbers. Squilly represents many children today that has been diagnosed with Autism. This beginner reader will help early readers learn about number sequence as well as, teach them that all children have special gifts. Learning about Squlliy’s gift also includes comprehension questions to ensure that comprehension skills are being introduced in the early stages of reading. 


June 23, 2020

Squilly Sorts it Out, A Story About Counting and Sorting

Squilly is using his gift of numbers to help the Gardener put her fruit back in order. This book is a great way to teach children ages 3-7 about sorting, colors, and numbers. Squilly most importantly teaches children at an early age that everyone has a special gift to offer to the world. Squilly Sorts it Out provides teachers with the ability to teach children about acceptance while integrating academic skills that are essential to a great start to a child's education. 


Squilly Fixes the List in the Mist 

5 star Readers Favorite Review

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Father Farmer has gone away, leaving the farm in a bad state. He did leave a list but the numbers are all jumbled in a mist. Squilly visits the farm and he is different from the other on the farm. He is good with numbers and he knows that in order to fix the farm, he has to put the list back in order. He works on moving the numbers as if it is a race and the rest of the animals watch in shock while he fixes them. Squilly loves working with numbers and, once he fixes them, the farmer's list is complete. The farm is now fixed and things look sunny and bright.

Squilly Fixes the List in the Mist: A Story About Number Sequence by Tashia Beaty is a beautiful story that speaks about autism and how children with autism have special gifts. Squilly's character in the story represents children who have autism and lifts the doubts readers have about disabilities which can hinder their progress. It is a good book to help readers realize that children with autism have special gifts and they can be useful to society in many ways with their individual talents. Tutors and parents can use this story to make their students and kids understand the special gifts of autistic children, especially if they are dealing with them in classrooms, homes, and other places. The Comprehension Questions section at the end of the book is a good tool for children to reflect on what they have read and that makes this storybook beneficial for interactive sessions in classrooms.


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